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GTA Education Technology Co., Ltd.

        Accelerating the development of modern vocational education keeps on creating talent dividend for the country and society. In the new context of Chinese economic transformation and industrial structure adjustment, vocational education attracted high attention from the new generation government, whose development has consequently become a strategic measure for changing mode and adjusting structure. National leaders such as Jinping Xi and Keqiang Li separately delivered influential speeches, requiring “putting more emphasis on accelerating development of modern vocational education, providing better support and assistance to development of vocational education, and paving ground for talents to realize two one hundred year target and Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” in 2014. Thanks to the release of a series of national reform dividend and extensive social concerns, the spring of vocational education in China is approaching. In addition, the release of "One Belt, One Road" strategy opened new window of opportunity for the complementary advantages, openness and development of countries along the road. The implementation of "One Belt, One Road" planning will impose higher requirements on HR reserve of countries, and consequently create huge opportunities and new challenges for future development of the vocational education...

        To solve development problems, explore development directions, and promote innovation of vocational education in China, Consequently, the Summit proposed to invite United Nations Industrial Development Organization as a guider, World Innovation Forum for Education, China Education Daily, China Education News Network,Federation of Shenzhen Industries and GTA Vocational Education & Industrial Development Research Institute as joint hosts, Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd., Shenzhen Polytechnic and Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology as organizers with the support of government departments, associations, vocational schools and enterprises concerned with cooperation and development of vocational education from Europe, America, Africa, Asia, in particular Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong at Shenzhen from August 8 to 9, 2015, which will focus on “Solving Problems, Exploring Directions, and Approaching Future”.


Elena Corchero
World-class Expert on smart materials and wearable technologies, Former Research Associate at MIT Media Lab Europe

Bizuneh Adugna
Deputy Director Academic, Federal Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institute, Ethiopia

Hezki Arieli
Chairman of Global Excellence Education Center,Member of Israeli President’s Forum

John J.M. Vlaar
CVO of Electude International BV, Director of Shanghai Representative Office

Kasanda Andrew Sayila
Principal of Kabwe Institute Of Technology

J.A. Rueda
Expert of video game design education, Entrepreneur

Kenneth Tan
Director of Technical Solutions at Sardina Systems

Piotr Feliks Grzywacz
The Founder and CEO of Pronoia Group, Former Minister of Google Global Learning Strategy Department

Suleiman Serera
Chairperson of Tanzanian Federation of the Embassy of Tanzania in China

Tyler Benster
Entrepreneur, Consultant of 3D Printing Industry

Yoshiro Nakamatsu
Founder and CEO of World Genius Convention, Professor

Qingyan Bao
Vice President of GTA Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Jieli Bi
Vice President of China Association of Staff and Workers Education and Vocational Training

Jian Cai
Professor of Management Practice at Guanghua School of Management of PekingUniversity,Member of Council of World Economic Forum

Gongmeng Chen
Board Chairman and President of GTA Group, Professor and Doctoral Tutor of FinanceDepartment of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Wenhui Chen
Deputy Director of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Education

Yu Chen
President of China Association for Employment Promotion, Director of China Institute for Occupation Research at Peking University, member of National Advisory Council on Education

Zhiyuan Chen
President of National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

Yi Cong
Dean of the College of Humanities, Tianjin University of Finance & Economics

Tianzuo Deng
Sub-inspector of Research Condition and Finance Division of Ministry of Science and Technology

Yan Ding
Executive Vice President of GTA Vocational Education & Industrial Development Research Institute

Gang Dong
Executive Vice-president of China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group (CSC)

Xing Dong
Teaching Evaluation Expert of the Higher Technical and Vocational Education of Ministry of Education, Dean and Professor of Research Institute of Strategic Development Planning of Sichuan Polus International College

Fanghai Gong
Dean of School of Telecommunication of Guangdong Lingnan Institute of Technology

Shaolong Guo
Independent Director of Board Fulgent Sun International (holding) Co., Ltd.

Hong Gao
Vice President and Researcher of Liaoning Education Research Institute, Inspector of Liaoning People’s Government, Executive Vice President of Liaoning Society of Vocational and Technical

Yurong Guo
Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Education Committee, Party Secretary and Director of Shenzhen Education Bureau

Jieguo He
Senior Economist, Entrepreneurs Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Government Policy Consultant Committee

Guoquan Huang
Executive President and Professor of Yinchuan Energy Institute

Yingzhong Huang
Former President of National University of Kaohsiung

Weihua Li
Senior Consultant of Hongkong Productivity Council

Guangqian Li
Researcher of Information Center of Development Research Center of the State Council

Jiahua Li
Deputy Head of the China Youth University of Political Sciences

Mengqing Li
Director of Higher Vocational Education Research Center

Xiaolu Li
Director of Guangdong Society of Vocational and Technological Education

Guangxu Li
Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Chongqing Vocational Education Society

Zhijun Li
Deputy General Manager of Internet + Division of Bluesource Investment Co., Ltd.

Liang Dan
Senior Advisor on Investment and Technology Promotion of United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Liao Jian
Vice President of Chongqing Vocational Education Society, President of Chongqing Senior Technical School of Machinery

Meizhi Liang
Vice President (Development) of the UNESCO Hong Kong Association

HaiGuang Liu
Dean of Dongguan Technician College

Yanhua Liu
State Department Counselor,Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology

Jiasheng Lu
Chairman of Xiamen Nanyang College, Vice President of Fujian Private Education Association, Managing Director of the Chinese Private Education Association

Liu Yang
Director of Investment Banking Department in HuaTai United Securities Co., Ltd

Zhenguo Liu
Director of Bureau of Technical and Vocational Education of Malaysia Chinese Association

Aiguo Lu
President and Deputy Party Secretary of Anyang Vocational and Technical College

Chongmin Luo
State Inspector, Yunnan Province People's Government Counselor, Former Director of the Education Bureau in Yunnan Province

Xinrong Lv
Former Vice President of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Former Vice President of Hong Kong Productivity Council

Jianping Ma
Deputy Director of Hengyang Education Bureau

Qingfa Ma
Professor and Doctoral Tutor of East China Normal University,Director of Theoretical Research Committee of The National Association of Vocational Education of Shanghai

Xianhu Meng
Vice President of Yuncheng Polytechnic College

Xiaosu Meng
Chairman of Huili Investment Fund Management Co. Ltd., Chairman of China National Real Estate Development Group Corporation, Chairman of Supervisory of Happy Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Chung-Kwong Poon
Former President of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Owner of Order of the British Empire and Gold Bauhinia Star

Linlin Pu
Expert of the Teaching Assessment of the Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, Former President of School of Vocational and Technical Education, Yunnan Minzu University, Executive President of Sichuan Polus International College

Xueming Qian
Director of National Association of Vocational Education of Guangxi, Chairman of the Guangxi Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association

Jianjun Shi
President of University of Intermational Business and Economics

Qi Song
Former Deputy Mayor of Shenyang City

Zhongjun Tang
Secretary General of Guangzhou Enterprise-School Cooperation Promotion Association, President of Ling Nan Clothing Research Institute

Chunlei Wang
Executive President of GTA Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Liyan Wang
Accounting professor of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Doctoral Supervisor

Shiheng Wang
Expert of the National Vocational Core Competency Expert Panel, Director of the Vocational Core Competency Teaching and Research Section of Changzhou Vocational Institute of Light Industry, Director of the Enterprise Core Competitiveness Research Center

Wenjin Wang
Trustee of Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education and Director of Training Department

Weisong Wei
Deputy Secretary General of Municipal Party Committee of Hechi, Secretary of the party Committee of Guangxi modern Career Technical College, Principal of Hechi Vocational Education Center School

Quanquan Wu
Director of Teacher Resource Research, Director of Training Center, Member and Researcher of Academic Committee

Yun Xianyu
Executive President of Kunming Fanya Venture Capital Research Institute

Caiyi Xiang
Director of Vocational Education & Adult Education Research Institute of Chongqing Educational Science Research Institute

Kaichen Yan
Host and Producer of China Education Television

Dunhe Yang
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages in Taiwan

Jin Yang
Director of Research Institute of Vocational and Technical Education Center of Ministry of Education

Zhijun Yang
Assistant Dean of Yunnan Academy of Education Sciences

Lide Yao
President of National Taipei University of Technology

Zhongwen Yu
Vice President of Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education, President of National Private Vocational Education Branch, Founding President of Shenzhen Polytechnic

Jinhu Yu
Vice Director-general of China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance;Chairman of Hefei WestingCut 3D Printing Technology Ltd.

Xianwen Zeng
President of Jilin Technology College of Electronic Information, Vice president of Vocational Education Association of Jilin Province

Dexiang Zhang
Former Director and Researcher of Central Institute for Vocational and Technical Education

Hongbo Zhang
Vice Dean of School of Finance and Economics, Guangzhou Panyu PolyTechnic, Professor of Economics

Jingan Zhang
Former Party Member of Ministry of Science and Technology, Former President of Science and Technology Daily, Chairman of Association of Science and Technology System Reform, Standing Director of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges

Guozhong Zhao
Director of Research Institute of Higher Vocational Education of Beijing Institute of Economics and Management, Member of Academic Committee

Hanjie Zhao
President of National Ilan University

Zhao Wei
President and Chief Editor of “Chinese Vocational and Technical Education”

Dewen Zhou
President of Wenzhou Academy of Management Science; Director of Wenzhou Council for Small and Medium Enterprises

Yuenan Zhou
Headmaster、 Director-general & Secretary of the Party Committeeof Huaqiang Vocational Technical School
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